Here is more information on a few of the awards Fritz won, and a few of the awards which have been named after him:

1973 CSC Bill Hilson Award (Initial Recipient)
Outstanding service contributing to the development of the motion picture industry
1974 CSC Annual Award for Best Cinematography in a TV Commercial
1979 TVB Bessies Fritz Spiess Award (Initial Recipient)
See Below
1979 CSC Annual Award for Best Cinematography in a TV Commercial
1987 Kodak New Century Award (Initial Recipient)
Persons who have made an outstanding contribution to the art of cinematography
1983 Fuji Award
Extraordinary contributions to the CSC
Gold, Silver and Bronze lions in Cannes and Venice
Various dates

The TVB Bessies Fritz Spiess Award

Each year, the Spiess Award is given to a person who has displayed "continuing, consistent dedication to excellence in the art of the television commercial". It can be presented to a cameraman, director, producer, editor, composer, art director, copywriter or an advertiser, who has "fulfilled the set out criteria of overall excellence".

Award Recipient Craft Year Articles / Links
David Fleury Music Composer 2000  
Stanley Mestel Cinematographer 1999  
Richard Unuh Editor 1998  
Michael McLaughlin Art Director 1997 Playback Magazine
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Elaine Miike Producer 1996  
Gary Gray Creative Director 1995  
Allan Kazmer Creative Director 1994  
Claude Lessard Agency 1993  
Bob Fortier Animator 1992  
Graham Watt / Jim Burt Creative Directors 1991  
Lesley Parrott Producer 1990  
Ray Verdon Advertiser 1989  
Bill Gimmi Cameraman 1988  
George Morita Cinematographer / Director 1987  
George Pastic Director 1986  
Brian Harrod Creative Director 1985  
Larry Trudel Composer / Writer / Producer 1984  
Don McLean Executive Producer 1983  
Terry O'Malley Creative Director 1982  
Ben McPeek Musician / Composer 1981  
Bill Irish Director 1980  
Fritz Spiess Cinematographer 1979  

The CSC Fritz Spiess Award for Commercial Cinematography

The Canadian Society of Cinematographers 1999 Awards Gala was held this evening at The Sheraton Centre Hotel in Toronto, Ontario to acknowledge the continuing achievements of Canadian Cinematographers. New to the CSC Awards this year is the inaugural presentation of the Fritz Spiess Award for Commercial Cinematography, in honour of Fritz Spiess. Gunild Spiess was present to make the inaugural presentation. William F. White Limited respects and congratulates all nominees and recipients at this years Award Gala!

1999 CSC Awards
Rohit Bhatt, Gunild Spiess,
and Bill White at the
1999 CSC Awards March 27, 1999


Award Recipient



Other Nominees

André Pienaar, CSC CIBC: Literacy,
The Partners Film Co.
1999 Douglas Koch csc, Pall Mall: Subway, Otherworld Films;
Dylan MacLeod csc, Homeless PSA: Life's Grate, Hula Popper Productions

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