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CBC Film Listings - 1958 Spiess Credits
CBC Television Series 1952 to 1982
Thu 5:15-5:30 p.m., 2 Jan-3 Jul 1958
French producer Marc Gaudart was responsible for this series of fifteen minute fables with animal characters, based on stories by the l7th century poet La Fontaine. The films employed the talents of animals from the farm of Lorna Jackson in Mount Albert, Ontario. Gaudart set the animals--most the small, relatively tame kind, such as parrots, frogs, cats, and pigeons- -in miniature sets to "act out" the stories. Cinematographer Fritz Spiess had to spend "hours studying each of the animals used in the series to get to know the different problems posed by each--such as a mouse who refused to ride in canoes, a bored monkey who was fascinated by studio wires and rafters, and a rabbit who became so fond of sitting in a jeep that he refused to get out and race with a turtle" (CBC Times [l3-l9 April l958], pp. l, 5).



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